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KbdEdit was inspired by Windows 9x tool Janko's Keyboard Generator. Initially, KbdEdit was meant to be a joint effort and a Win2000/XP successor to Janko's program. As the development efforts kept dragging out longer and longer, becoming too much of a drain, the project has slowly devolved into a one-man effort, however Janko still deserves much of the credits for the present look of KbdEdit. His insights and suggestions have played a crucial role in most of the important design decisions.

The late Michael Kaplan's blog was a steady source of invaluable information for everything related to international programming, localization, Unicode issues, and the dark and poorly documented inner workings of Windows keyboard support. Unfortunately, MSDN no longer hosts the original blog, but there is a fairly complete archived version available here (thanks to Alexandre Cossette for the tip).

Finally, I am glad to have found the page Création clavier (in French) on Alain Lassine's site. It has served a very useful purpose of verifying that my own findings were correct, and giving reassurance that I was on the right track. The "official" documentation on the subject being so scarce, the crucial information could only be culled painfully through trial and error. The experiences of others who have tried and succeeded and were generous enough to share the results were simply priceless.

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