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Mouse keys

Windows has since long had the accessibility feature known as Mouse Keys, which allows the user to move the mouse pointer and simulate mouse clicks using the numeric keypad keys. This Wikipedia article offers more perspective on the history of this feature, from its inception on Unix-driven X Window graphical terminal, to its adoption in mass-market Windows and Apple OS X.

A less known fact about the Mouse Keys under Windows is that the keys used for specific mouse key functions (mouse left/right, button up/down, etc) are customisable.

Even though mouse key customisation is not (yet!) supported by KbdEdit, a major change since version 18.9.0 is that any such customisations present in the original layout are now being preserved in any cusom layouts based on it.

Mouse Key functions in the UI

Additionally, since KbdEdit 18.9.0 the low level editor UI shows details of all mouse key functions supported by the current layout.

Any key with a mouse key function is visually denoted by a small grey mark in the lower right corner, with the mouse hover tooltip showing the actual function:

Key with a Mouse Key function

Default Mouse Key mappings

The vast majority of the standard keyboard layouts supplied in current Windows versions use the default mouse key mappings listed below:

Mouse Key function Default VK code Corresponding numpad key
Active Button Click VK_CLEAR digit 5
Up Right VK_PRIOR digit 9
Down Right VK_NEXT digit 3
Down Left VK_END digit 1
Up Left VK_HOME digit 7
Left VK_LEFT digit 4
Up VK_UP digit 8
Right VK_RIGHT digit 6
Down VK_DOWN digit 2
Active Button Down VK_INSERT digit 0
Active Button Up VK_DELETE . (decimal point)
Select Both Buttons VK_MULTIPLY * (star)
Active Button Double Click VK_ADD + (plus sign)
Select Right Button VK_SUBTRACT - (minus sign)
Select Left Button VK_DIVIDE / (division)
Toggle Mouse Keys VK_NUMLOCK numlock key

The only system layouts deviating from these standard mappings are the exotic "NEC" Japanese keyboards (kbdnec.dll, kbdnec95.dll, kbdnecat.dll, kbdnecnt.dll).

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