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Import dead char table from KLD file

Feature available only in Premium and Personal editions.

The "Import dead character table" dialog is accessed through the "Import from file" button in the Dead Character Editor. It enables you to import a KLD dead table file saved using the Export to file feature.

KbdEdit dialog import dead character key table from KLD file

"Import dead char table options" dialog

The Import dead char table options dialog is shown if the layout already contains a non-empty dead table. It lets you define how the existing dead keys are combined with those stored in the file.

KbdEdit dialog resolve import dead character key table from file conflict

  • If Replace current dead table is selected, the current dead table is wiped out and replaced with the imported table. If any dead characters from the original table get eliminated this way, they are automatically converted from dead key to normal mappings in order to preserve high level mapping consistency.
  • Choosing Merge with current dead table will produce a combined dead table, containing both original and imported mappings.

In the latter case, it can happen that the same dead / base character combination produces different transformed characters in original and imported layout. The following radio buttons define how this conflict is resolved:

  • Current dead table - preserve the original mapping.
  • Imported dead table - replace the conflicting original mapping with the imported version.

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