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Generate Layout Install Package

Feature available only in Premium edition (not available in Personal, Lite and Player editions).

The "Generate Layout Install Package" command (File | Generate layout install package menu item, or toolbar button ) packages the current keyboard layout into a stand-alone installer executable (EXE) file.

The installer can be used to deploy the layout without any restrictions to any computer running a supported Windows version - 32- or 64-bit Intel, or 64-bit ARM (the latter supported since KbdEdit 20.8.0).

Most notably, the installer does not require a copy of KbdEdit on the target computer - this is a major difference from KBE files, which require at least KbdEdit Player to be present.

Choosing the command opens up the Windows standard "Save File As" dialog, where a full path to the EXE file is specified.

KbdEdit dialog Generate keyboard layout install package

Default file name is based on the variable part of layout's DLL file name (defined through the "Layout file" field of Save As dialog). When saving a new layout for the first time, you are therefore advised to give the DLL file a descriptive enough name.

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