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Feature available in Premium, Personal and Lite editions (not available in Player edition).

The Save command (File | Save menu item, or the toolbar button Save) saves the current layout to the underlying DLL layout file. The saved layout thus becomes available to all Windows applications.

If a layout that is loaded into the Language Bar list is being saved, it is possible that the changes will not become effective immediately. In this case KbdEdit will display an appropriate warning to make you aware of the problem. You will generally have to wait until Windows is restarted, or at least until the next logoff/logon, for the changes to become effective. This minor inconsistency is caused by Windows continuing to use the old layout definition, unaware that it has changed in the meantime.

If you are working on an "Untitled" layout, which is active initially when KbdEdit is started and after the New command is executed, Save will have the same effect as Save As. An "Untitled" layout is not (yet) backed by an actual physical layout, and hence the Save As is necessary to fully define its attributes (Layout name, DLL file name, Language) before it could be saved.

There is another situation in which Save will revert to Save As: if you are saving modifications to one of the system layouts which is part of Windows installation or, more generally, any layout which has not been created by KbdEdit. In order to protect your system from an accidental damage, the modification of these layouts is strictly forbidden - their modified version can be saved only as a new custom layout.

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