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Example - Sanskrit keyboard with Vedic extensions (contributed by Dipanshu Aggarwal)

Installer package: KbdEditInstallerSANSKRIT20A.exe

Layout file: Sanskrit20A.zip

You can use the installer package to deploy this keyboard layout without any restrictions. Free Demo version can be used to make changes and test them. To deploy a modified version, a Premium, Personal or Lite edition is needed.

The Sanskrit Keyboard with Vedic Extensions is the first of its kind to work on Windows 10 and incorporate all of the Devanagari characters, symbols, and signs for Vedic accents. It leverages the full set of the latest Unicode Standard 13 to incorporate all characters used for ancient Sanskrit literature, including Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda.

The layout contains glyphs from the following Unicode Blocks:

  • Devanagari (0900-097F) : the BASE and SHIFT positions.
  • Vedic Extensions (1CD0-1CFF) : the KANA position.
  • Devanagari Extended (A8E0-A8FF) - the SHIFT+KANA position.

The layout is switched between the "plain" and KANA modes using the togglable KANA. The VK_KANA virtual key code is mapped to the Print Screen key (scan code 0x37 extended).

Sanskrit keyboard with Vedic extensions
(click to see full sized image)

For a proper display of the KANA and SHIFT+KANA positions, a 3rd party font with proper coverage of Vedic Extensions and Devangari Extended is required, as these sub-ranges are not covered by the fonts shipped with current Windows versions (March 2021). One such font is Sanskrit2020.otf from the Advaita Sharada and Devanagari Fonts project.

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